Employee Testimonials

“Working for Children’s Home Healthcare has truly been an amazing experience. The company cares for their employees and is always willing to work with you to provide the best outcomes for the patients. The office staff is quick in communication with the field staff and are always so helpful. I truly have learned so much while working with this company and am so thankful for Children’s Home Healthcare.”

Jasmine, RN, San Antonio, TX

“Children’s Home Healthcare is a great place to work. Children’s is my employer but also family. From providing me with on the job supplies to birthday cards every year. During Covid Children’s Home Healthcare not only helped maintain my patient’s health but provided the PPE to make sure I was protected. In the years that I have been employed I have never forgotten that I am essential, and I have the tshirt to prove it.”

Erika, Dallas, TX

I have worked for Children’s Home Healthcare for over 17 years in several positions. I absolutely love working with our patients and their families! Helping them heal and grow and play is my greatest joy! CHHA has always been so supportive in all aspects of my career.

Leslie, RN, from Amarillo, TX

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