June 20, 2024 • Pediatric Healthcare

As a leading provider of pediatric home healthcare in Texas, we at CHH believe it is crucial to keep our community informed about legislative changes that may impact the care we provide. Recently, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) released informal rules regarding Chapter 363 – Texas Health Steps Comprehensive Care Program, Subchapter C – Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Services. These proposed revisions have significant implications for how private duty nursing is administered in the home setting.

Understanding the Proposed Changes

One of the most critical changes proposed in the draft rules is detailed in section 4:

“A responsible adult must designate an alternate caregiver who is an adult as defined by the Texas Family Code and who agrees to accept total responsibility for the recipient in the absence of the recipient’s responsible adult. The designated individual must be in the home while PDN services are being provided. The designated individual must not be the PDN services provider.”

This means that for the entire duration that PDN services are provided, a designated caregiver must be present in the home, and this person cannot be the nurse delivering the care. This change aims to ensure that there is always a responsible adult available to oversee the well-being of the child receiving care.

Concerns from the Community

Many families and healthcare providers have expressed concerns about this proposed rule. The primary issues include:

  1. Logistical Challenges: Families may find it difficult to have another adult available in the home at all times, which can be particularly challenging for single-parent households or families with limited support networks.
  2. Increased Burden on Families: The requirement could place additional strain on families who are already managing the complexities of caring for a medically fragile child.
  3. Impact on Care Delivery: There is concern that this requirement may lead to disruptions in care if a responsible adult cannot be present, potentially jeopardizing the child’s health and well-being.

Legislative Progress and Community Response

Since the release of these draft rules, there has been significant discussion and feedback from stakeholders, including healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and families. Here are the key updates on the legislative process:

  • Public Comment Period: The HHSC has opened a public comment period to gather input from the community. This is a critical time for families and providers to voice their concerns and suggest feasible alternatives to the proposed rules.
  • Stakeholder Meetings: Several meetings have been held with stakeholders to discuss the implications of the proposed rules and explore potential modifications that balance the need for oversight with practical considerations for families.
  • Legislative Review: The Texas Legislature is reviewing the feedback and considering amendments to the proposed rules. This process involves careful deliberation to ensure that any changes support the health and safety of children while also being realistic and manageable for families.

Moving Forward

As we await further developments, it is essential for our community to stay informed and engaged. Here are steps you can take to be part of the process:

  • Submit Feedback: Participate in the public comment process to share your experiences and concerns. Your input is valuable and can influence the final decisions.
  • Stay Updated: Follow updates from the HHSC and the Texas Legislature to keep abreast of any changes or opportunities for further involvement.
  • Advocate for Your Needs: Connect with advocacy groups that are working to ensure that the voices of families and providers are heard.

We understand that these proposed changes may cause anxiety and uncertainty. Our commitment is to support you through these transitions and advocate for policies that ensure the best possible outcomes for the children in our care. Together, we can navigate these challenges and continue to provide exceptional pediatric home healthcare.

If you have any questions or need assistance with submitting feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your partnership is vital as we work towards a solution that benefits everyone involved.

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