Children’s Home Healthcare is contracted with the state of Texas along with several different Medicaid waiver programs and most private insurance (in and out of network).  We are contracted with all MCO’s available under each counties that we service.

Different Medicaid waiver programs allow the state to assist individuals with disabilities with long terms services that they can receive in their own homes. Individuals may apply and/or qualify for both Traditional Medicaid and Medicaid waiver programs.


STAR Kids is a Medicaid managed care plan that helps children and young adults who are under the age of 21 with disabilities.  STAR Kids also offers long term services and supports if you need them.  Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP) is one example of a long term service that will be under the STAR Kids program.  Recipients will be offered at least two STAR Kids health plans depending on what county they reside in.  CHHA is contracted with all Managed Care Organizations (MCO) that have contracted with the State of Texas in all counties we provide services in.

For more information on the STAR Kids program please visit:

Texas Health and Human Services : STAR Kids 

Below is a list of all MCO’s we are currently contracted with:


Children’s Home Healthcare provides nursing care and attendant care services under the STAR+PLUS program.  We are currently contracted will all Managed Care Providers that offer this program.

STAR+PLUS is a program that provides support and services to a person in their own home who has a physical or mental disability.  SSI children may choose to enroll in STAR+PLUS or may remain in traditional Medicaid.  Depending on what area you live in you will have an option on which managed care provider you can enroll with.

Managed Care Providers for the STAR+PLUS program include:

  • Amerigroup
  • Cigna-HealthSpring
  • Molina Healthcare of Texas
  • Superior HealthPlan
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

STAR Health

Children’s Home Healthcare provides nursing care and attendant care services under the STAR Health program.

STAR Health is a statewide program for children who get Medicaid coverage through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  STAR Health also is for young adults who were previously in foster care and have either: Former Foster Care Children’s Medicaid or Medicaid for Transitioning Youth.


Children’s Home Healthcare provides nursing care and attendant care services under the STAR program to children who are 20 years of age and younger.

STAR is a Medicaid program for children, newborns, pregnant women and some families and children.  Under the STAR program recipients receive their services through managed care plans, please see the “Managed Care Programs” tab below to see a complete list of MOC’s we are currently contracted with.


Children’s Home Healthcare provides private duty nursing and attendant care services under the MDCP waiver program to children under the age of 21.  This program provides services to support families caring for children and young adults who are medically dependent.  Attendant care services are offered through the PAS and PASD programs.  Hiring an attendant helps families with everyday tasks such as: bathing, dressing, cooking, preparing meals, etc.

Children receiving MDCP services work with their DADS case manger to choose a Home and Community Support Services Agency (HCSSA) to provide the services they need.

Please visit the link below for more information:

Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS)

Children’s Home Healthcare is contracted to provide nursing care under the CLASS program in our Amarillo office.  CLASS is a program that provides home and community based services such as personal-attendant care, limited nursing care, etc for a persons with a disability that originated before the age of 22 that affects the ability to function on a daily bases, other than an intellectual disability.  People receiving CLASS services choose one agency to provide case management and another direct service agency to provide all other CLASS services.

Managed Care Organizations (MCO)

Children’s Home Healthcare provides private duty nursing, skilled nursing visits, and attendant care services through MCO.

Managed Care Organizations (MCO) are organizations that are licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance to deliver health-care services.

CHH contracts directly with the below list of MCO’s

  • Aetna
  • Amerigroup
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • Children’s Medical Center
  • Cigna HealthSpring
  • Community First
  • Cook Children’s
  • FirstCare STAR
  • Molina Healthcare of Texas
  • Parkland
  • Superior
  • Texas Children’s
  • United Healthcare

Private Insurance

Children’s Home Healthcare provides private duty nursing, skilled nursing visits, and attendant care services through most private insurance providers.  Many private health insurance are likely to provide good benefits for home healthcare.  We accept both in network and out of network patients.

Below is a list of a few private insurance companies we are contracted with:

  • Aetna
  • Alliance
  • Amerigroup
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Care Centrix
  • Cigna (through Care Centrix)
  • CoreSource
  • Humana
  • First Care
  • FMH
  • IMS
  • Parkland
  • Prominence Healthcare of Texas
  • Scott and White Health Plan
  • Tricare
  • UMR
  • United Healthcare

Children with Special Health Care Needs Services Program (CSHCN)

Children’s Home Healthcare is currently contracted to provide services for the CSHCN program out of the Amarillo office only.  This program helps children with special health-care needs.

The program is available to anyone who:

  1. lives in Texas
  2. is under 21 years old (or any age with cystic fibrosis)
  3. has a certain level of family income
  4. has a medical problem that
    • is expected to last at least 12 months
    • will limit one or more major life activities
    • needs more health care than what children usually need
    • has physical symptoms. (This means that the Program does not cover clients with only a mental, behavioral or emotional condition, or a delay in development.)

For more information please visit:

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Children’s Home Healthcare provides nursing care and attendant care services through the CHIP program.  CHIP is available to children birth through age 18.  CHIP is designed for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford to buy private health coverage.  All CHIP services and most Medicaid services are delivered through managed care health plans under contract with the state.


If you are currently part of a program that is not listed please call us.  We are always working on including more programs for children.  We can also help refer you to other companies we recommend who provide others services such as Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Therapy services such as Physical Therapy (PT), Speech Therapy (ST), and Occupational Therapy (OT).