Choosing a Healthcare Agency

Choosing a Pediatric Home Healthcare Agency that will meet the needs of your love one can be a trying experience.

Some of the questions to consider are:

  • Is the Home Healthcare Agency owned by a national corporation or is it locally owned?
  • What type of services does the Agency offer? Ask for a list of services.
  • Are the day-to-day office issued handled locally or do you have to call an 800 number for changes to you schedule? Who will handle complaints? Think about visiting the Home Healthcare office so you can meet the staff.
  • Is the Agency exclusively Pediatrics or does the agency provide adult care as well? Pediatrics is a specialty in the Healthcare system. You want to make sure you have a Pediatric trained nurse attending to your loved one.
  • How are potential nurses screened by the Home Healthcare Agency? Are criminal background checks, reference checks and approriate credentialing performed? How are new nurses in-serviced regarding care of your loved?